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All You Need to Know About This Spa Facial Treatment That You Can Do At Home

We’re easily drawn in by any product that promises to push out every little bit of gunk from our pores. Blackhead vacuums, peel-off masks to yank away clogs, and every squeezing, prodding device you name it. But while the videos of gunk and grime being eased out of the skin are satisfying, it might not be wise to aim for the same results. Going too hard with tools and devices typically reserved for professionals can cause serious damage to the skin. But ever thought to have a device at home that would provide the same result as you get from SPA? And the best thing is, it is approved by the estheticians over the world as well. Yes, we are talking about Ultrasonic Skin Spatula.

What is an Ultra Sonic™ Skin Spatula?

It is also called an ultrasonic spatula and has been a common gadget in facial salon and spas. Some experts say that an ultrasonic scrubber is a water-based exfoliating machine. This device is flat in shape and has to be used only on wet skin. It works through the activation of the ultrasonic waves to loosen up debris and build-up of dead skin cells.

The Ultra Sonic™ Skin Spatula waves at 30,000 Hz per second to loosen and remove oil, dirt, and cellular debris from your pores. The infusion process helps your moisturizer penetrate your skin deeper for maximum absorption. The vibration of the scrubber creates a fine mist that also removes the excess water from your face during the application. 

benefits of using ultrasonic skin spatula - elferiah.com

Continuous usage of the ultrasonic spatula will treat some of your skin complaints like excess oil, clogged pores, dry skin, whiteheads, and blackheads, even texture, polluted skin and skin tones that are dull.

How to use this?

Hold this machine at the correct angle and ensure proper use of it to get the best results. Make sure that you keep it at an angle of 45 degrees and remember the direction that you go ascertains the effect on your skin.

The instructions are given below:

Step 1: Clean your skin thoroughly using your normal daily routine for washing your face. It's better to do after a shower or steam when the pores are open.

Step 2: While your face is still wet, turn Ultra Sonic™ Skin Spatula to ‘deep clean export mode, (1st mode for regular cleansing, 2nd mode for deep cleansing) and gently exfoliate your skin by dragging the spatula across your face. You should see the blackheads becoming less visible due to the removal of the dirt, oil, makeup, and bacteria that was clogging your pores. Add water to your face during this treatment, as needed. Don't forget to disinfect before using.

Step 3: Dry your face, and switch the Ultra Sonic™ Skin Spatula to ‘nutrition introduction mode.’ Apply your normal face moisturizers and use the spatula to push the product deeper into your skin. You don't need to apply more pressure to achieve this.

The Ultra Sonic™ Skin Spatula has five modes. You can use the pat massage mode to improve skin sagging. By using lifting and wrinkle removing mode you can smoothen fine lines in a very short time.

Use 2-3 times every week for 3 munites to get the best result.

benefits of using ultrasonic skin spatula - elferiah.com

The benefits

Gentle on the sensitive skin

Generally, women with sensitive skin are the bulk of customers for Ultra Sonic™ Skin Spatula. If you also have sensitive skin, this ultrasonic scrubber will outdo the other skin-cleaning brushes or the microdermabrasion tools.

More hygienic to use

This facial cleaner lacks discs, brushes or any harsh techniques that collect bacteria and dead skin, unlike other beauty equipment. You only need to clean the spatula every time after using it with an alcohol wipe and store in the storage case.

Boosts the optimum absorption and effectiveness of other skin products

Skincare products or serums have a lot of useful and costly ingredients which raises the overall skin health. In most cases, people who don’t do not properly exfoliate and still apply skin lotion on the skin surface have will find that they are not getting the desired results. This occurs because the serum is only sitting at the top of the skin.

Maintenance is cost-friendly

Cleaning and storing this device is easy. After purchasing your Ultra Sonic™ Skin Spatula, you will not incur any other costs; there are no blades or brushes to replace, and its battery is rechargeable. An ultrasonic infusion is a good value for your money.

benefits of using ultrasonic skin spatula - elferiah.com

You are in control of this device’s pressure, angle as well as the direction of the spatula. The use of water or a hydrating toner when using your spatula, the skin will be cleaner after treatment. It will work gently to eradicate debris from the pores, exfoliate skin and aims at the problem.

The safety precautions

Do not use this on flaky skin

As earlier said, you have to keep your skin wet. Professionals advise that you have to ensure the surface is wet for it to be functional. If you lack a moisturizer, you could clean and keep the skin moist with an alcohol-free toner or water.

Daily use of the spatula will cause over-exfoliation

Of course, this appliance is a light type of exfoliation. However, you have to remember that no matter the kind of exfoliation, using it daily will cause your skin to over-exfoliate. Your skin requires recovery time. It's advised to use 2-3 times weekly.

What you may not like

Although ultrasonic spatulas can loosen up debris on the skin, it may not be useful in flatter places in your face like the chin, forehead, and cheeks. The angle and flatness of the spatula make it hard for a scooping action.

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