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Micro-needle Eye Patches

micro-needle eye patches - Elferiah.com

Micro-needle Eye Patches

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Take Your Eye Patches Game In A Next Level! 


Micro-needle Eye Patches - elferiah.com

These Micro-needle Eye Patches made of soluble Hyaluronic Acid in a micron-sized pointed tower which is more effective to penetrate your eye area. After being absorbed by the skin, the wrinkles naturally smooth out and moisturize the skin around the eyes. 

Micro-needle Eye Patches - elferiah.com

Microcrystalline technology and hyaluronic acid deeply supplement moisture and make skin soft and fresh. Tighten and repair the skin. Prevent and smooth wrinkles overtime. 

Micro-needle Eye Patches - elferiah.com

It is recommended to use it two or three times a week to get the best result! (once a week for sensitive skin)


  • Give your skin an instant hydration boost as ultrafine micro hyaluronic acid needles deliver moisture into deeper skin layers.
  • A patch containing hyaluronic acid that directly permeates into the horny layer to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin and help tighten skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid helps retain collagen.
  • Increase moisture and skin elasticity, keeping your skin supple and hydrated.
  • Microneedles also stimulate skin regeneration. Not only good for under eyes can be used in any problematic areas.

Micro-needle Eye Patches - elferiah.com

How to use it? 

  • Remove the white protection film, place the centre of the patch on¬†your eyes and attach it to your skin.
  • Press the centre part of the patch several times.
  • Leave the patches at least 2 hours or over night and see the result.

Micro-needle Eye Patches - elferiah.com

Package includes:

  • 2Pairs Micro-needle Eye Patches¬†

Micro-needle Eye Patches - elferiah.com

Limited stock: Only 100 unit available.

Shipping may take 14-25 days due to high demand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Camren Schiller

The feeling after its use is pleasant, the contour looks hydrated. It's not painful, nor have I had any reaction after use. I used it, for about 3 hours.

Kathryne Jones

I dont know much about microneedle eye patch, but it works really well

Aracely Wilderman

I order not for the first time. Yes dear, it works! There are more expensive brands in the market but this one works better in my opinion.

Sally Nikolaus

I would love to recommend this product to my friends, it is the best eye patch I have ever used

Vallie Schmitt

The price of this product is more expensive than ordinary eye patch, but its effect is really good

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