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Clear Mirror Lip Stain

Clear Mirror Lip Stain - elferiah.com

Clear Mirror Lip Stain

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Dewy Lip Stain! 👄❣

Clear Mirror Lip Stain - elferiah.com

Colour Details: 

01#Spring White Peach
Nude milk shades look natural, and the unique aura of the beauty of spring is all on the lips.

02# Heart cold berry
Gentle bean paste berry color. The sense of pure oxygen falls into a low-saturated atmosphere.

03# caramel red brown
Agate brown tones. Shows white without picking skin tone, with a little glossy and translucent.

04#Red Tea Ginger Orange
This color feels like midsummer orange.

05#Cocoa Bean Coffee
Tobacco roasted bean coffee color is lovely for daily use.

06# Mocha red brown
Clear and soft color.

Clear Mirror Lip Stain - elferiah.com

Product Name: Ice Cube Velvet Lip Glaze
Product Specifications: 4.5G/box
Type: lip gloss series
This item applies: Normal
skin type: normal
Shelf life: 3 years
Reminder: Please store at room temperature away from light

Package includes:

  • 1x Clear Mirror Lip Stain

Limited stock: Only 100 units available.

Shipping may take 14-25 days due to high demand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Thalia Hintz

I like it so much! You have to try it to understand how beautiful it is and how well it can be applied and looks great!

Susanna Turner

The gloss gives wet lips effect. Love it!

Benedict Moore

How aesthetic it looks! I fell in love

Ora McGlynn

SUPER CUTE. super sheer tho. put on top of lip liner or sum

Bulah Upton

I love these. They go on sheer but buildable with a slight fruity scent and shine and leave a nice stain behind after the shine wears away. The packaging is beautiful. The shades all run neutral-warm. I wish they had more cool-toned options as well. I’d buy them all. See photo. From left to right shades 01-06.

/..Klaviyo snipet../
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